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March 21
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Basic information:
First Name:
Last Name: Ikeda.
Nickname: Snow White.
Age: Looks to be in her early 20s.
Gender: Female.
Species: Shinigami.
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Romantic Interest: None.
Rank: Captain.
Hobbies: Reading books, training, she pretty much keeps to herself since she doesnt have much self esteem and is not too social.
Likes: Calm and quiet on her freetime and working on improving herself.
Dislikes: Germs, Miwa has a huge phobia for germs due to a dramatic event in her past.
Favorite Place: Any isolated room that has been wiped clean, ironically she hates hospitals.
Bad Habit: Tends to freak out/hyperventilate when her germ phobia sets in.

Physical Description:
Hair: Short white hair.
Eyes: Light yellow with white eyelashes.
Skin: Pale peach.
Height: 163 cm.
Body: Slender but with a slightly larger chest and round full hips.
Identifying Marks: Nothing too noticeable.
Clothing: Black sleeveless shinigami-suit under a red belt-like accessory that holds up her captains-haori that stays up like a cape, white waist-ribbon over her shinigami suit and white sandals.
Special Equipment: Face-mask/ventilator that keeps her from inhaling toxic fumes and such but it is mostly superficial as it helps her to battle her fear of germs.
Accessories: Black piercings in her ears.

Background Information:
The Ikeda family lived a normal and peaceful life with lots of wealth and success, later on it became apparent that the father of the family had stolen large sums of money from a yakuza boss whom he was currently working for. When the yakuza found out about Mr. Ikeda's actions he made sure that the entire family was going to pay for his humiliation. The entire family was brutally murdered as well as the servants who served at the family estate and thrown down into a bomb-shelter rigged to be closed from the outside, they were shielded in for 2 weeks before they were discovered. What the yakuza did not know was that Miwa had not been hit by their bullets, only being knocked-out for the moment she woke up in the bomb-shelter surrounded by her loved ones who were all dead at that point. Miwa panicked, what child or human being would not have done the same? Realizing an escape was futile she remained in the sealed room with the stench of rotting corpses around her. 2 weeks she spent locked in and never thought she would survive, it was be a chance that a police officer along with Miwa's uncle decided to open up the bomb shelter and found the brutal massacre waiting on the inside. This became the root to Miwa's fear of germs, each time blood and other substances comes into contact with her she thinks back on her time when she was sealed in with the awful stench of her murdered family waiting to die of starvation. Her uncle tried his best to get her to face her fears but the various treatments only made things worse, initially she was sent off to a monastery as her uncle was no longer able to tend to her needs as well as fearing for her life knowing that the yakuza might come after her. In the monastery a monk discovered that Miwa could defend herself even as her fear kicked in, taking a linking to her he decided to help her overcome her fear and also taught her martial arts hoping it would keep her distracted. In the end he had a mask constructed as he realized that she was not ready to be pushed towards recovery with her germophobia, this initially helped her to get through her days and to perform daily tasks that most people took for granted.

Miwa is not very social outside of her duties, this is partially because of her germophobia as well as her plain insecurity. While on the battlefield Miwa is more focused and probably associates the experiences of battle with the training she received from her master which was the only thing that kept her making her way through the day throughout her youth. Fighting is something that brings her joy even though she might freeze and think back on her horrible childhood, many people find her to be weak. There are two sides to her fear though, she has yet to mastered it yet but her trainings key-element was that she was supposed to acknowledge her fear and use it to her advantage. Freaking out and freezing happens now and then but getting taunted by her enemies, teased if you may, actually fuels her to use her fear as her strength against her opponents. Getting agitated and angry in general helps her to perform the most brutal fighting techniques as she not only fears the germs but also hates them, seeing her enemies blood or insides will only fuel her further.

Professional Information:
Previous Occupation: Unranked shinigami.
Team: Division 3.
Partner: Undecided.
Base of Operations: Seireitei.

Center of gravity (juushin).
Spirit: Dark weightless shadow-creature.
Type: Gravity and sound manipulation-based.
Appearance: Regular katana.
Carried On: Lower back.
Sheeth: Red, with black and grey details.
Tsuba: Flat without any edges.

Shikai command: Alter (kaeru).
Shikai appearance: Upon shikai-activation the weapon turns into the shape of a black and white scythe.
Shikai Power: The key-component to the shikai-power is manipulation of gravity.
Shikai special abilities:
Shifting gravity (Shifuto juroku) - This attack is the most frequently used attack that Miwa holds as her triumph card. It is activated by the end of her scythes shaft as it touches a flat surface sending off a sound wave setting things in motion and chaos nonetheless as things become weightless. The more emotion Miwa puts into this attack the more powerful it gets, she herself is the only individual who remains more or less affected by the gravity shift and can move easily ahead to her target as they themselves experience a huge loss in control over their own bodies balance having a difficult time knowing what is right and left and not to mention keeping their feet on the ground.
Heavy resistance (hageshi teiko) - The blade of the scythe is not just a sharp edge to cut down enemies with, as the shifting gravity is in the works this technique will allow Miwa to change the weight of the object that her scythes blade comes into contact with. One slice gets the object back to its regular weight dropping to the ground, however just as when someone gets out of the water wandering up on dry land the gravity seems heavier for a person whom was just recently spinning around up in the air. Receiving several slices from the blade can cause severe consequences to a persons body, if they aren't too strong their intestants just might stop working due to the heavy strain the body gets put under. It is not a pretty sight as a person's insides can get so heavy that they are torn right through their flesh and skin.
Bankai name: Center of gravity absorption (Juryoku kyushu no chushin).
Bankai appearance: What remains in the bankai appearance of the weapon in Miwas hand is the staff from the scythe, the blade itself turns into a medium-height black hole that absorbs energy and any kind of matter it can get its hands on.
Bankai special abilities:
Ergosphere absorbation (sayo-ken kyusu) - While the black hole "eats" just as an actual black hole in space it cannot stand still as it is classified as a rotating black hole. It will "eat" matter which in terms makes it stronger growing in size and power only to transform the matter into pure energy much like that of a cero shooting out towards Miwa's intended target which she can control through her use of the staff. The energy-release can only happen once before the black hole needs to "recharge" and absorb more matter like a gun having the need to be reloaded with more bullets to fire.
Evaporation (johatsu) - This technique can be tricky to perform because it causes the weapon to actually self-destruct as it locks onto a target and basically slams into it in order to eliminate it. The black hole is dissolved for moments of time before it re-appears but this technique can only be used once during a battle as it takes a huge amount of energy to the weapon and its wielder.

Other Facts:
- The co-operation of the 8th and 10th division captains Sugita Nao and Kimura Toshi helped design and manufacture Miwa's current mask.
- Miwa hates hospitals, they remind her of her childhood and even though the sterile smell should make her more comfortable than rotting smells she hates that as well, she simply wants to stay away from heavy smells.
- Despite of her insecurity and fears Miwa secretly wishes for more interactions, anything from a simple casual conversation to the most gentle touch.

Battle Data:
Intelligence: (7/10)

Strength: (7/10)
Speed: (8/10)
Endurance: (7/10)
Sword handling: (9/10)
Shunpo: (5/10)
Kidou: (4/10)
Spiritual power: (7/10)

Within Temptation - Silver Moonlight
Pendulum - Propane Nightmares
A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless [Tilling My Grave Mix]
Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
Nero - Guilt
Nightwish - Last of the Wilds
Icon for Hire - Get Well
Pendulum - Showdown
The Pretty Reckless - Burn
this was a tough one but i actually like how it turned out, had a lot of help with the powers for her weapon and id like to thank Crimson-Agony and Lanokir for that, thanks guys :hug:

weapon design:
miwa_shikai_design by THE-DARK-MIA

ash and dust by THE-DARK-MIAcaptain_miwa by THE-DARK-MIAall clean after a shower by THE-DARK-MIAcaptain_miwa_by_avionetca by THE-DARK-MIAmiwa_by_artipelago by THE-DARK-MIA

ikeda miwa (c) :iconthe-dark-mia:</b>
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